Glass Scratch Removal

Dont Replace - Renew!

Scratch-free, crystal clear windows are important if you want your home or business to stand out as the best. A1 Glass Scratch Removal Perth can remove almost any deep scratch or glass surface damage.

Using, what we think, is the best glass restoration system available, designed by Glass-Renu in the USA. Scratches that would normally result in a high-cost window replacement can be fixed at a fraction of the price.  It isn't only windows that can be renewed but we can also restore your glass doors, glass-topped furniture and pool fencing too!

Hard water staining, calcium build-up or bore water staining? No worries! At A1 we can sort you out. We can help you remove almost any glass surface damage that would normally result in hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of replacement costs.

Due to cost of repair we are only servicing commercial glass and speciality residential glass such as strengthened, double glazed and tempered glass. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to service curved glass such as automotive windows.

Why Choose A1 Solar Cleaning?

With a history in mining, I, Luke, the owner-operator, have 10+ years of experience dealing with high-risk work. This means I understand the need for safety, not just for myself, but for my surroundings and other people.

  • A1 is Insured for up to $20 million dollars
  • High risk working licence held
  • Up to date safety gear is used to protect myself and your home/business.
  • Fully self-sufficient – I bring everything I need from the power generator (if no site power is available) to the state of the art scratch removal equipment.
We are also professionals at cleaning your glass too, whether it be solar panel cleaning, residential window cleaning or commercial/shopfront window cleaning we can help you out.