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You don’t have to put up with stained windows or shower screens any longer! We have been hard at work perfecting our glass restoration process, and we are proud to announce we can now restore glass and shower screens damaged by calcium, lime scale, soap scum, hard water build up or bore water staining.

Restoring rather than replacing your glass will not only enhance your view but save you money too! Most glaziers will recommend hard water damaged glass be replaced, usually costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Fortunately, A1 can restore your glass back to its crystal clear “like new” finish using the latest polishing techniques and equipment, for as little as 10% of the cost of replacement.

Why not add our protective Nanocoating to your glass restoration? Application of a Nanocoat during the restoration process will protect your glass from chemical build-up and staining for up to 10 years, it also reduces cleaning time by up to 90%! The nano coating creates an invisible barrier which causes water to bead up and run off, preventing dust and other contaminants from sticking and staining.

A1 uses the most up-to-date tools and products and we can remove graffiti, concrete, paint,  silicon or just about any other contaminant that is blocking your view. Our services are available for residential houses, commercial buildings and storefront windows.

Our workmanship is guaranteed and so is your satisfaction — we aren’t happy until you are!

Hard water stain removal

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