Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning is Necessary!

Generally commercial solar system sizes are much larger and installed on flat roofs. This means that there is even more dirt build up than residential properties, with potential efficiency losses of up to 30%. Furthermore panels that aren’t cleaned regularly can get stained and have their service life reduced. 

A 500 panel system with an average 10% efficiency loss equates up to a $5000 yearly loss.

As we get those panels clean, we visually inspect all panels and connections. As a result you can have peace of mind knowing everything on the solar installation is in top condition.

A1 Solar Cleaning uses the latest electric solar panel cleaning equipment, chemical-free products and pure water to make your panels sparkling clean. Our equipment is non-abrasive and environmentally friendly, ensuring a stain and scratch free finish for maximum sunlight absorption.

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Why Choose A1 Solar Cleaning?

With a history in mining, I, Luke, the owner-operator, have 10+ years of experience dealing with high-risk work. This means I understand the need for safety. 

    • A1 is Insured for up to $20 million dollars
    • High risk, working at heights certificate held
    • All necessary mobile equipment licences held
    • Most up to date battery operated equipment used
    • Up to date safety gear is used to protect myself and your home.


Commercial solar panel cleaning – You invested the money in a large system to save money and the environment, let me maximise  your savings and reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible 

Residential solar panel cleaning – Let me help you start reaping the rewards by making your solar panels as efficient as they can be

Whether you have a few solar panels to a thousand solar panels I can help.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Prices from $3.25 per panel