Service Terms & Conditions

Window Cleaning
Standard window cleaning service includes: tracks brushed and vacuumed, fly screens brushed and wiped, frames wiped and windows washed.
Multi-level windows that are difficult to access will be cleaned from the ground using a water fed pole system. While every effort is made to provide a crystal clear finish this is not always possible.

On day of service please ensure any knick-knacks on the window sills have been removed and curtains/blinds are open. If possible please move lamps, plants and furniture away from windows, as a perfect finish cannot be guaranteed on windows that are difficult to access. A surcharge of $5 per window will apply if the technician has to spend time clearing the area before he can begin work.

A1 takes no responsibility for stick-on window dividers/grids becoming loose or detaching from windows due to deterioration of the adhesive. If you would like the dividers removed and the adhesive cleaned away please speak to your technician.

A1 takes no responsibility for damage to fly screens or frames due to deterioration. If you are concerned that your screens have deteriorated and might be easily damaged please speak to your technician before the cleaning commences.

Solar Panel Cleaning
Standard service includes a pre-rinse, a scrub (using a white glass grade cleaning pad) and then a final rinse using a water fed pole system. We only use pure DI water to ensure no water spots are left behind.

Hard Water Stain Removal and Shower Screen Restoration
While we do our best to restore the glass to “like new” condition this may not be possible if the glass has been stained for a very long period of time. Our service quote will include the time we estimate will be needed to remove staining and if more time is needed we will always consult you before going ahead or adding additional charges.

Nanocoat Glass Surface Protection
Our Nanocoat technology helps protect the glass from staining and build up for up to five years, minimising cleaning time required and making it much easier to maintain. After the coating is applied, it is recommended the glass be wiped down after each use with a squeegee, a weekly clean is required using a damp microfibre cloth. See full instructions provided on the day of service. Do not use paper towels, scourers or abrasive cloths that are likely to scratch the surface.