Solar Panel Cleaning

Are dirty solar panels costing you money?

Dirty solar panels can lose up to 20% of their efficiency, costing you hundreds of dollars every year.

Dust, dirt, salty air, road grime, leaves and pollen can all contribute to making your solar panels cloudy and ineffective. The rain is not enough to clean them – in fact, it can make them dirtier due to the minerals it deposits it leaves behind once dried.

A1 Solar Panel Cleaning uses chemical-free products and pure water to make your panels sparkling clean. Our equipment is non-abrasive and environmentally friendly, ensuring a stain and scratch free finish for maximum sunlight absorption.


Why Choose A1 Solar Cleaning?

With a history in mining, I, Luke, the owner-operator, have 10+ years of experience dealing with high-risk work. This means I understand the need for safety. 

    • A1 is Insured for up to $20 million dollars
    • High risk, working at heights certificate held
    • Up to date safety gear is used to protect myself and your home.
    • Fully self-sufficient – No need to be home! I bring everything I need from the pure water to the state of the art cleaning equipment.

Residential solar panel cleaning – Let me help you start reaping the rewards by making your solar panels as efficient as they can be

Commercial solar panel cleaning – Generally, with commercial installations, solar panels are installed on flat roofs meaning that there is even more dirt build up!

Whether you have a few solar panels to a few hundred solar panels A1 can help.


Solar Panel Cleaning Services Provider


Prices start from just $4 per panel






Reclaim those lost solar production benefits now!