Solar Panel Cleaning

Are dirty solar panels costing you money?

Dirty solar panels can lose up to 20% of their efficiency, costing you hundreds of dollars every year.

Dust, dirt, leaves and pollen can all contribute to making your solar panels cloudy and ineffective. The rain is not enough to clean them – in fact, it can make them dirtier due to the minerals it deposits it leaves behind once dried.

A1 Solar Panel Cleaning uses chemical-free products and pure water to make your panels sparkling clean. Our equipment is non-abrasive and environmentally friendly, ensuring a stain-free finish for maximum sunlight absorption.

Why not add our protective Nanocoating on your next clean or new installation? Application of the Nanocoat will protect your solar panels from dust/contaminant build-up and water staining for up to 4 years! Nanocoating works by creating an invisible barrier which, in turn, causes rain to bead up and run off, taking the dust and other contaminants with it. They will then only require a quick rinse once a year or continue to use A1 as your professional cleaner and we will discount the cleans by 50%!


Prices start from just $4 per panel

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