Solar panel cleaning from $4 per panel

Dirty solar panels decrease efficiency up to 20%. ​An A1 solar clean twice yearly ensures you get the production you expect. A1 is chemical free, eco-friendly and uses top of the line, non-abrasive products and tools to give you a high-quality clean.

Solar Panel Cleaning Perth

Window Cleaning Perth

Window cleaning Call for a quote

Get a sparkling 'green' window clean! With zero chemicals used and only pure water, A1 cares for both your windows and the environment. We do insides, outsides or both - whatever you need.

Hard water stain removal Call for a quote

Restore your windows, glass or shower screens back to "like new" condition. Using the latest polishing techniques we can restore your glass for a fraction of the price of replacing.

Hardwater Stain Removal Perth

Glass Fence Cleaning Perth

Glass scratch removal Dont replace, renew!

Has your view been compromised with scratches? We can restore your glass by removing the scratches using the most up to date technology.

Glass surface sealing Call for quote

Nanotech coating is available for solar panels, windows and glass fencing. It protects the surface, preventing dust and oil from sticking and causes water droplets to roll off without staining. The coating also reduces the amount of cleaning needed and lasts for up to four years (depending on conditions).