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    Solar Panel Cleaning Importance

    I want to to talk about the importance of having your solar panels checked and cleaned. Quite often I come across people who do not believe solar panels need cleaning or even need a quick checkup for things that may be out of the ordinary on their roof set up.

    A very good example as to why panels need cleaning/checking: This week I was cleaning solar panels in Ellenbrook. The house was located 20 meters from some pine trees and the result of this was some very black buildup on the panels caused by falling pine needles. While I was up there cleaning I noticed that an entire panel had been shattered and the owner had been none the wiser! To top it off the owner had recently had their roof resprayed and the painters had not covered the panels properly resulting in some overspray on the panels! Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare occurrence. During a clean I did a few months ago in Mindarie I found another panel shattered from someone throwing rocks at it. Panels I recently cleaned in Aveley were found to be so dusty I could barely see the glass panels! And the list goes on.

    The truth is, dust will impact your panels, from as little as 5% up to 20%.
    My solar panels save me $1500 per year so that could mean at 20% I’d be missing out on a $300 saving!

    A1 Solar Cleaning is here to help with solar panel cleaning and visual solar panel inspections. Get in contact today for your obligation free quote. 


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